On Wednesday, June 29th, a meeting was held at the City Hall of Niš, bringing together representatives from the City of Niš Local Self-Government (LSG), the Izlazak Association, and the Office for Combating Drugs of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The main objective of the meeting was to establish connections and exchange examples of good practices in preventing drug abuse at the level of local self- government units in the Republic of Serbia.

Mr. Milan Pekić, the Director of the Office, emphasized the importance of such collaboration and expressed hope that the Office would continue to be a partner to the City of Niš in efforts to prevent drug abuse at the local level.

The meeting concluded with the resolution regarding the significance of further developing a network of support and prevention at the local level. This joint effort between the governmental and civil sectors represents one of the key factors necessary in the fight against drug abuse in the Republic of Serbia.