NGO “Preporod” from Montenegro is 23.11.2021. under the auspices of the World Federation against Drugs (WFAD) organized a conference entitled “Political Will – Opportunities for Improving the National Response to the Abuse of Psychoactive Substances with a specific focus on RECOVERY.”

The conference was opened by the Minister of Health in the Government of Montenegro, Jelena Borovinić Bojović, followed by a panel with representatives of the most influential political entities from the ranks of parties participating in the work of the Parliament of Montenegro.

The Government of Montenegro, without a doubt, has a strong political will to dedicate itself to improving the situation in this area through multi-sectoral activities of several departments, with special emphasis on recovery. One of the speakers at the conference was the Director of the Office for Combating Drugs of the

Government of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Milan Pekić on the topic “Experiences in cooperation between state bodies and civil society organizations”, within which he shared experiences about the Office’s cooperation with civil society organizations and emphasized the importance of cooperation between state bodies and the civil sector.

The conference was held in order to mark the month of the fight against addiction within the regional project “I choose Recovery”. The “I Choose Recovery” project is implemented by three organizations from the region, “Preporod” from Montenegro, “Proslavi Oporavak” from Bosnia and Herzegovina and “Izlazak” from Serbia, in partnership with the World Federation against Drugs WFAD.