The Office for Combating Drugs of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Association Izlazak within the project “I choose recovery”, organized another in a series of multisectoral meetings and visited the city of Bor administrative district – Majdanpek.

The meeting was held on April 9, 2021, in the premises of the municipality of Majdanpek, which was attended by representatives of state bodies dealing with the fight against drug abuse.

The aim of the multi-sectoral meetings is to exchange information and experiences among local government officials responsible for drug abuse, in order to identify their needs and challenges they face in their daily work, in order to provide assistance to people with drug problems.

Representatives of local authorities pointed out that in the municipality of Majdanpek there is a problem of drug abuse, most often among people between 30 and 40 years old, which has not changed in recent years, therefore it is important to form a multidisciplinary team they could correctly recognize their role and react in a timely manner and provide the necessary assistance to people with a drug problem.