On Friday 29th of November 2019, at the premises of the City Hall in Sombor, there was a multisector meeting, organized by the Office for combating drugs in cooperation with the Association “Way Out”. The City of Sombor is the fourth visited municipality in 2019, and the twelfth out of total number of visited municipalities.

Multisector meetings are organized within the “I Chose Recovery” Project, with the aim of exchanging information and experiences among stakeholders of the relevant institutions that are in direct contact with persons with drug problems. Data collected in these meetings will be implemented in the next national strategy and action plans for its implementation.  

Representatives of local institutions in charge of drug abuse problem underline that the situation in Sombor have been the same for several years; it is not worse than in previous years, but it neither better. They agreed that, apart from finances and human resources, it is of utmost importance that each institution should recognized its role in the recovery of a person who is facing problems. Drug abuse problem is not only a criminal-legal or health problem, but much deeper one, comprising all areas of social life.