“The Lisbon Addictions Conference 2019” is the third European conference on addictive behavior and addictions. This multidisciplinary conference is a forum providing possibilities for networking speaking about addictions. The Conference was held at the Congress Centre in Lisbon, from 23rd to 25th of October 2019. 

This year topic of the Conference was “The Future of Addiction: New Boundaries for Policy, Practice and Science”. Three-day conference gathered more than 1300 participants from all over the world, who attended the lectures of world renowned experts in the field of addiction.  On that occasion results of the latest research speaking about featuring, understanding and responding to addictions and addictive behavior were presented. 

Focus of this year Conference was to a great extent gambling and video games addiction, having in mind that this trend is expanding among the younger population. In cooperation with organizers of the Lisbon Addictions Conference, “FuturiZe” Project was carried out, financed by the European Union, whose scholarship for participation at this Conference was obtained also by the representatives of the Office for Combating Drugs. Aim of this EU project is developing networking activities and series of interactive debates with focus on future potential scenarios in the field of drug abuse and addictive behavior. 30 sessions, i.e. 57 presentations were organized within the project on future trends and topics in the field of addiction, such as digitalization, future drug policies, innovative monitoring and future horizons in treating addictions etc.

Source: EMCDDA