In the premises of the Culture Centre in Požarevac, there was a Round Table on 18 December 2018, on the occasion or presentation of the project project “I Know What I Want, I Don’t Want Drugs” organized by JAZAS Požarevac and financed by the City of Požarevac. The Office for Combating Drugs participated in the meeting upon the invitation of JAZAS Youth. Other Round Table participants were the City Administration of the City of Požarevac, General Hospital in Požarevac, Social Service in Požarevac, as well as representatives of the civil society organizations from the territory of the city of Požarevac. 

Project “I Know What I Want, I Don’t Want Drugs” was presented by Madam Maja Marić from “Urban Stream”, as the organization that helped in survey.

Acting Director of the Office for Combating Drugs Milan Pekić presented legislative-institutional framework and the role of the Office for Combating Drugs, emphasizing the importance and role of the non-governmental organizations in this area, and particularly the importance of the proper selection of relevant data, clearly underlining that the relevance of the representational sample in research implementation is important , then of the evaluation procedure, which bring together to the measurability and thereby sustainability of each individual activity. The Office believes that evaluation of real needs is necessary, and thereby possibilities for implementation of each individual activity, and that in that regard multi-sectoral action is required. In reference to that, the Office takes all necessary actions within the scope of its competences in order to strategically resolve the issues concerning actions of all stakeholders from this area. Acting Director also informed the attendees that the Office announced Public Bidding for civil society organizations for the purpose of signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation and creating basis for joint and planned work of civil and governmental sector, and that 12 organizations from the civil society applied for the bidding, out of which 11 do not meet required formal terms. 

Conclusion of the Round Table in Požarevac is that there is an outstanding need for coordinated work of each participant, as well as that it is necessary that framework of its activities is determined by strategic documents as mandatory documents for acting, as well that local self-government units must be involved in this area according to their competences and possibilities. In communicating and organizing the work with these authorities, clear form and method of operation is also necessary through required legal documents, in order that purpose of activities coordination in the territory of different units of local self-government would be achieved at national level.